Advice for use and care of jewelry

We hope that your jewelry from Silver Wijk will be a joy in your life for a long time! This is how you care for your jewelry in the best way;

Store your jewelry in the box which comes with the purchase when you are not using them.

Use a cleaning cloth to wipe your jewelry after each use to keep it clean from sebum, makeup and more.

Take off your jewelry when bathing (especially in salt or chlorinated water), washing dishes, planting, etc. to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. A tip is to make a habit of putting your jewelry on the last thing you do before you leave home.

Do not sleep with the jewelry on to avoid unnecessary wear during the night. Especially snake chains should be removed for the night.

Clean your jewelry regularly so they retain their luster longer!

Jewelry with gemstones used daily should be submitted once a year to review the stone and socket.

White gold jewelry is often treated with rhodium to give extra luster. All surface treatments, such as gilding, rhodium plating, oxidation and matting, wear out over time, but most can be submitted for maintenance and improvement. Get in touch with us and we will give you guidance on where to go.

Silver can sometimes oxidize – partly due to the various minerals and salts that you excrete yourself and partly due to “toxins” in the air such as exhaust fumes. You can buy silver polishing cloths and silver dip from us to clean your silver jewelry. We only use sterling silver 925 in our jewelry.

Pearls retain their luster in when worn frequently but cosmetics, sun block, perfume and hairspray all contain chemicals that can dramatically dull the luster of a pearl. To prevent this pearls should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth after use and should preferably be stored in a box or similar. Avoid putting them in cotton as it can dry out the pearls.

Chains can withstand daily wear and tear, but you should be vigilant so that you do not get caught in anything (as the chain may come off then or at a later time). Silver dip is perfect for cleaning chains.

If you have any other questions you are always welcome to contact us via email, phone or social media!