About Silver Wijk

Silver Wijk is a Swedish company that designs high quality jewelry and interior design . In the rural smithy, on the island Tjörn in Bohuslän, the love of craftsmanship and Swedish nature is the centrals. Behind every piece made lies a genuine thought and all items with Silver Wijk’s stamp are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Silver Wijk was founded in 2002 and is owned and operated by the silversmith and artist Emelie Wijk Lundberg.

Silver Wijk has designed several popular collections with jewelry and decor – but also works extensively with special orders from both private individuals and companies. Emelie is a sought-after designer when it comes to designing wedding rings and other unique jewelry. She sees it as a great honor and a privilege.

Silver Wijk has two local boutiques; one at the smithy and another one at the famous Sundsby Säteri on Tjörn. Sales are also conducted via the webshop as well as through a few selected retailers.

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