In our boutiques you will not only find our popular jewelry and decoration details, but also carefully selected products from other brands that Emelie likes. Including:

Recycled by Willie
Klässbols Linneväveri
Malin Mena
May Fagerberg
REX London
LL Form & Lera
Eva Lindqvist Wijk

We also have several collaborations that we are very excited about. At Silver Wijk, we believe that good partnerships with others create good synergies for both our customers and the local business community. Here are some of our collaborations:

Villa Vanahem
The beautiful 19th century idyll Villa Vanahem on Stenungsön is a private party venue for weddings and parties. The fantastic owners Maja and Gert help you to tailor and create the party of your dreams. Their vision is that you come there as a guest but leave as a friend – something they truly live up to!

The list is under construction