Engraving- Block letters


Make you jewelry or gift more personal – order engraving in block letters for your order. Maximum 7 characters.

Please note that the product in the picture is just an example to show what the engraving looks like – the angel is not included in the price.

To order engraving put this article in your cart together with the jewelry. When you go to the checkout write in Order notes the text you would like us to engrave (and if you buy more than one piece of jewelry, please make sure to specify which of these you want engraving on). If it is a bracelet or ring, don´t forget to write if you want engraving on the inside or outside. If you don’t write anything, we assume that you want it on the inside.

NOTE: Engraving is only possible on those products where it is stated that the product it is suitable for engraving.

Do you want engraving on another product, or do you want more than 7 characters? Contact us via email at info@silverwijk.com.

We reserve the right to refuse engraving if it is not technically possible.

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